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Cowardly Committee Puts Own Slight Discomfort Above Suffering of Millions of Americans

The prohibitionist puritans in the House Rules Committee showed their true cowardice when they blocked congress from voting on amendments that would protect people in states where cannabis is legal from federal prosecution. This move could open the doors for Attorney General Jeff— "I thought States Rights just meant I could discriminate against black people”—Sessions to crack down on states where [...]

Democracy in Crisis in the Age of Trump

Democracy in Crisis is a new column designed to take the prefix "alt" back from the racists and hold the Trump regime accountable. Papers like ours have never had “access” at a national level and have never had to worry about losing it. We have always reported as outsiders and Democracy in Crisis will continue that tradition, cultivating sources in the agencies and committees where policies will become reality, making liberal use of freedom of information act requests and public meetings acts to get beyond the lies that the administration seems intent on using as a modus operandi. The column will expose any creeping authoritarianism and norm-violations and call them out with outrage when warranted, and gallows humor when possible...

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