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American Carnival: Costume and Class in Trump’s America

The political heat of 2017 has finally boiled all the political chants down to their essence: “Fuck that shit!” More than a thousand juggalos—fans of the horror-art rap group the Insane Clown Posse (ICP)—chant this perfect refrain for our insane era in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday September 16. Many of them are wearing clown paint on their faces or sporting tattoos or other signs that [...]

Trump regime so hot for Exxon it needs a third X

The Trump regime put out a press release yesterday slobbering all over Exxon. Which isn't surprising since, as the Post's Christopher Ingraham pointed out on Twitter,  part of the press release was copied directly from one released by the multinational petroleum company. And then there's Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was until recently the head of the company.

So here is your presidential porno, er press release. The plagiarized passage is appropriately marked. 

The Man Behind FOIA

By Mary Finn

Last week, reporters from the Indianapolis Star filed a state public records request and learned that while Mike Pence was governor he communicated using a hackable AOL account to conduct state business. And reporters used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law in 2015 to show that Hillary Clinton used a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State—a revelation that did as much as anything else to cost her the presidency.


General Flynn’s brother responds to “From Skater to Hater”

I am just so pissed at all the negative bullshit about my brother in the press….it is so unbelievably one sided… where are the questions about the laws that were broken in the fact that the private conversations of a US citizen have been breached selectively? It just seemed like you are jumping on a bandwagon.  I know hundreds of skaters and surfers who are concerned about the weakened position the Obama Administration put the US military and our national security in. Does that make us all Haters?

Stoned Reflections from the Opposition Party

I am stoned at CPAC. I am in hell.

Here’s how it happened: Shortly after Steve Bannon laid out his vision of nationalism and the deconstruction of government on the first day of CPAC, I was writing a story over a beer at the National Press Club.

Confirmation Bias

Image courtesy of Little Village By Baynard WoodsSenators shuffle by the desk on Tuesday to cast t [...]

Church and Trump

Photo by Baynard Woods By Baynard WoodsMahoney called on his followers to kneel down at the steps [...]

Far Far Right freaks out over Flynn

The far far right started freaking late last night when “lock-her-up” chanting former general Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Advisor in the wake of revelations that he discussed loosening sanctions with a Russian ambassador while Obama was still president...

Steve Bannon Is Not An Intellectual Powerhouse

White House Assistant and Chief Strategist to the president, former Breitbart News capo, and according to Twitter, shaved Garfield, Steve Bannon, is the big brain behind Donald Trump because well, he’s read some books and tells other people to read some books...

Trump and top cops

President Trump met with law enforcement leaders twice this week, saw Jeff Sessions confirmed as top cop, and signed three tough-on-crime executive orders, which were then condemned by an organization composed of some of the nation’s top law enforcement officers.

Here’s how Trump’s tough-on-crime week went down...

Protest and Public Happiness

I stood on the corner of Constitution Ave. and 14th St. surrounded by a crowd chanting “Hands too small, can’t build a wall.” It was the day after the inauguration and I had joined in the Women’s March, somewhat reluctantly. I thought I could predict how I’d feel at the march: a bit skeptical and pessimistic. I was wrong...

Darkness at Noon

By Baynard WoodsDozens of police officers block off the corner at 12th and Massachusetts Avenue in W [...]

If you see something, say something: Occupying airports and the future of protest

Donald Trump, Russian sex workers, and Vladimir Putin aren’t the only ones who need to worry about piss.

In a recent column about the Women’s March in Washington on the day after the Inauguration, Kate Drabinski wrote: “There's much to say about the politics and critiques of these events, but in the moment you are reminded that politics is embodied practice, and all our bodies had to pee. We have to get better at meeting this need if we're going to have that revolution.”...

Lawyers fight for travelers trapped by Trump’s Muslim Ban

Lawyers are huddled up, poring over papers on the floor of Dulles International Airport, outside of Washington D.C. a couple hundred feet away from the throngs of protesters cheering, chanting and welcoming home people coming out of customs from international flights...

Solidarity for the Inaugural Six

Six journalists have now been charged with felonies for reporting on  the black bloc protests on inauguration day in Washington D.C. Police allege that they have violated the district’s laws against rioting.

Evan Engel of Vocativ; Jack Keller, a producer for the web documentary series Story of America;  Alex Rubinstein of RT America, Matt Hopard, an independent reporter who was live-streaming; Aaron Cantu, an independent journalist; and Shay Horse also an independent journalist were all swept up by police in last Friday’s protest...

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