Cowardly Committee Puts Own Slight Discomfort Above Suffering of Millions of Americans

The prohibitionist puritans in the House Rules Committee showed their true cowardice when they blocked congress from voting on amendments that would protect people in states where cannabis is legal from federal prosecution.

This move could open the doors for Attorney General Jeff— “I thought States Rights just meant I could discriminate against black people”—Sessions to crack down on states where pot is legal.

One of the principle amendments that the Republican Rules Committee quashed is the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, which prohibits the DOJ from spending money to bust people and businesses in states that have legalized weed.

“The status quo for four years has been the federal government will not interfere because the Department of Justice is not permitted to use its resources to supercede a state that has legalized the medical use of marijuana,” Republican Rep Dana Rohrabacher, of California, said the day before the Rules Committee move. In a joint statement after the bill Rohrabacher and Blumenauer said the decision “putting at risk the millions of patients who rely on medical marijuana.”

In July, a similar move prevented the House from voting on weed amendments, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon, argued that medical cannabis is a matter of “life and death” for veterans suffering from PTSD. “It’s essential that veterans be allowed to access this as a treatment if it’s legal in their state,” he said.

But the heartless bastards on the Rules Committee don’t give a shit about anyone’s suffering but their own. California Rep. Duncan Hunter, another Republican from California, told the Hill that “it splits the conference too much so we’re not going to have a vote on it.”

In other words, his comfort is more important than that of millions of Americans.




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