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Police body-cam video reveals details about Inauguration Day ‘kettling’ of protesters

In police body-camera footage obtained by Democracy in Crisis, the scene in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 20, 2017 shows the war zone our nation really is right now. The balance of power in the battle—both on the streets then and in the courts today—is deeply asymmetrical, with the police and the government struggling to maintain control of all information related to the case. This video is part of th [...]

May Day in D.C.—a photo essay

There's a lot of marches in Washington D.C. in the last few weeks There was the Tax Day March on April 15, the March for Science on April 22, and the People's Climate March on April 29. Then on May 1, the traditional workers' holiday, there was another—or several. I'm not complaining. But here are images of moments that were especially moving and, despite the number of recent protests, brought tears to my eyes. 

Pot and Pizzagate intersect outside Trump’s Harrisburg rally

By Brandon Soderberg

Across from the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center in Harrisburg where Donald Trump is set to speak to thousands in a couple hours, Harrisburg mayor Eric Papenfeuse runs through a list of Trump's failed policies and offers up some zingers along the way to the 100 or so gathered for an anti-Trump rally organized by the Pennsylvania Democrats.

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