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“They Work for Me,” U.S. Park Police Officer says of Militia Member at Far Right Rally

“All points of view are welcome here at this rally!” a speaker yelled out at the Mother of All Rallies as a crowd of Park Police and militia members—at least some of whom were 3% militia members— circled around a few antifa activists who said they had only wandered by to go to the bathroom. Drew Abrogi, a steering committee member of No Justice No Pride, tried to approach the circle with his came [...]

May Day in D.C.—a photo essay

There's a lot of marches in Washington D.C. in the last few weeks There was the Tax Day March on April 15, the March for Science on April 22, and the People's Climate March on April 29. Then on May 1, the traditional workers' holiday, there was another—or several. I'm not complaining. But here are images of moments that were especially moving and, despite the number of recent protests, brought tears to my eyes. 

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